Lemonade Kid - Feeling Good

Do you like feeling good? Who doesn't? Well, maybe Luke Skywalker in the Last Jedi, he seemed to be very content to wallow in his own misery, bitterly sipping unpasteurised blue milk from the teat of a space cow. But things could have been very different if he'd listened to Feeling Good by Lemonade Kid, the positive vibes may have shaken him from his gloomy torpor for long enough to actually get up off his saggy behind and save the galaxy once again.

Yes, a prime slice of warm fuzzy psychedelic house would be just what Luke would need to shake off the blues and steer Kylo Ren away from the dark side.

Listening to this track took me back to the golden age of screamadelica era Primal Scream. The breathy bobby Gillespie style vocals and the laidback grooves set the scene for the one two punch of lasers and bongos (lasers and bongos are always a good combination).

If I close my eyes while I'm listening, I can just picture myself standing in a sun drenched field in Somerset on a Saturday afternoon, peak feel good time, cider coursing through my veins and the smell of doobie doos in the air, the inevitable existential crisis brought on by consuming too many magic mushrooms is hours away, now it's time to feel good.

So in conclusion, if you want to forget your worries for 3 minutes and 55 seconds I'd recommend having a listen to Good Feeling by Lemonade Kid. It feels good, and who doesn't like feeling good?

Chris Jones

Chris is an aging father of two small children desperately trying to escape wage slavery by forging an unlikely career in the music industry. In his spare time he is also a member of The Hot Freaks synth rock juggernaut.