Wintermilk - Hope you're doing well

Flames burn, twisting, fierce, fire purifies, illumines the darkness, hypnotic, engulfing the thirsty hearts. 

Hooded cloaks, trees tall, overlooking the perfect circle. Sorrowful echoes, Blood, the potent source, a sacrificial offering.

"Go Into dust
Surreunded Inane
Breaking down the cage
Find another way"

'Hope you're doing well' is this beautifully dark tale from Wintermilk, a duo from St Petersburg, Russia.

Upon hearing the first 4 bars, you're instantly transported into a world of the occult, religious ceremonies, darkness surrounded by beauty. 

A spectacular piece of atmospheric music, layers upon layers of luscious strings and moods, haunting vocals.

It's early Fever Ray with a hint of Massive Attack, Public Memory & Zola Jesus.


Darren Laurence

DJ on the Astral Projection show on Artefaktor Radio, front man of LegPuppy.