Ortense Blue - Ladies

Smoke dances its way through the rustling trees, as the wind chimes sing from the shadows. A tiny white light flickers from the woods. Shiny black crows fight over yesterday's feast. Galloping horses can be heard in the distance, rolling like thunder as they march towards their final destination.

"The horses are in their frame
The family is gathering the marriage will be happening. The horses are in their frame
We'll never be more than friends"

Ladies is the hauntingly hypnotic track from Ortense Blue. Hugely talented, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriting performing arts graduate from North London.

Ladies feels like a magic potion which you shouldn't drink but you really can't resist. It's deliciously mysterious.

The track sounds like something Kate Bush would have written in her prime, with a little touch of Portishead and the drums from Joy Division's Atmosphere, which incidentally is my all time favourite track.

So close your eyes and drift into an Ortense Blue fairy tale.

Darren Laurence

DJ on the Astral Projection show on Artefaktor Radio, front man of LegPuppy.