Hemmingway EP

A prowling panther, elegant, black, silky, smooth, moves with brilliance, outshines the rays of sunlight, capturing it most glorious pupil. 

A saboteur stalking its target, with splendour and grace, performing a dance before it takes its prey.

Hemmingway burst on the scene in 2017 with their brilliant debut EP ‘Rise Again’. A 2 piece Drum n Gaze, electro dance outfit from Essex.

Stand out track ‘This Ain’t All About You’ gently glides along with a subtle power, ready to explode teasing you like a panther. 

Their music comes from the more uplifting side of the liquid drum bass genre, think Sub Focus, Metrik & London Electricity. 

There’s also a sophisticated edge to their sound, using real instruments with CeCe Hemmings' soulful vocals, adding a sheen to their sound.



Darren Laurence

DJ on the Astral Projection show on Artefaktor Radio, front man of LegPuppy.