Commodify me, baby – Oranj Son

Here's a question; If you had a device which you could use to clone yourself, would you use it?

Just think, you could produce a few clones of yourself to cope with life's mundane tasks, get them to do the dishes, to go to work for you while you stay at home watching Netflix, the possibilities could be endless, you could even start selling versions of yourself uniquely tailored to customer requirements. Commodify me, baby!

Liverpool based synth rock band Oranj Son realise this and have provided the perfect soundtrack to the process of commodifying yourself. An icy cool Kraftwerkesque intro signifies the beginning of the operation as perfect clones of yourself slide down the production line.

The clones are put to work as the soothing baritone vocal arrives, but by the time the highly catchy chorus hits you begin to realise the magnitude of having to keep control of all the versions of yourself you have unleashed on the unsuspecting world. At least there's plenty of you to go around though, as the lyric goes; 'I'm splitting at the seams, thank fuck there's loads and loads and loads of me'.

The track builds a melancholy flavour with the help of some angst ridden reverb heavy guitar and 80's flavoured synth hooks so by the end of the song you could be forgiven for thinking that commodifying yourself might be a bad idea, but the journey is definitely worth taking.

I really enjoyed this song and I'd highly recommend checking out the other Oranj Son tracks! Give it a go why don't you!

Chris Jones

Chris is an aging father of two small children desperately trying to escape wage slavery by forging an unlikely career in the music industry. In his spare time he is also a member of The Hot Freaks synth rock juggernaut.